God’s established Society – Onward Christian Soldier was pioneered by group of mature, like-minded people led by Pastor Alexander Adeyemi Browne. The society was born on July 1986 at 1368 Restoration Plaza, Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY 11206. The founding members are Pastor Alexander Adeyemi Browne, Evang. Emmanuel Oriola Awe, Evang. Sunday John Adeyeye, Late Oluwasegun Akinbajo, Elder Adejare Adeyemi, Elder Amusan, Elder Famodimu and Mr. Soba Abiona, now Pastor Soba Abiona. It was the decision of these God-fearing men to have a Society that will cater, fostering love, unity and spiritual guidance for mature minded members of CAC first in the Americas.

Pastor Alexander Browne was charged to give their group a name for them to be referred to, on this he consulted the Pastor and Founder of the Church Late Rev. (Dr.) Adegoke Oyedeji for spiritual guidance. Pastor Oyedeji replied that as a group of elderly and mature minded people, he would advise them to name their Society as “Onward Christian Soldiers”. The monthly meeting was agreed to be held in members’ residence on rotational basis. Pastor Alexander Browne was selected as the first President and Late Oluwasegun Akinbajo as the first General Secretary and other officers were selected as needed. The first meeting of the Society was held at Pastor Browne’s residence on 2928 Gunther Avenue in the Bronx in 1987.

Onward Christian Soldier Society as ‘arm stretch’ of the Church for support, physically, financially and spiritually has grown in membership. Today, the Society is made up of thirty-three active and God-fearing members. Acting with respect to the tenets of Christ Apostolic Church and guided by word of God and the constitution; the society have several elected officers that are responsible for the smooth running of the affairs. Members of Onward Christian Society were very active in Church issues and programs, they were involved in the smooth-running of various Department in the Church. These include but not limited to Administration, Engineering, Transportation and Evangelism. The Society has been taking active role in the Church Summer Picnic, yearly C.A.C annual convention, food pantry and distribution to mention just a few.


The Onward Christian Society believe in fostering friendship, love and progress amongst members, their families and the Church, this form the basis of fostering and propagating the Gospel, spiritual progress of all members and the Church as a whole, predicated by God’s inspiration while upholding the beliefs and tenets of Christ Apostolic Church worldwide.