The Children Sunday School of CAC 1st in the Americas , Brooklyn, NY is one of the oldest departments of the church. The birth of this ministry happened about 39 years ago at the Association of Black Social Workers Daycare in Brooklyn, NY.  It started as a result of many children crying at the same time in the middle of the service.   At the time, Mrs. Onatokunbo Browne decided to take care of all the children, along with her son, while other mothers went back to the sanctuary. She was immediately joined by Mrs. Oyero.  This arrangement was gladly approved by our father in the Lord, Late Pastor Abraham Adegoke Oyedeji. Pastor Oyedeji arranged for a room to care for the children and put Mrs. Browne in charge. Thereafter, every Sunday when mothers came to church, they dropped their children with Mrs. Browne.  Hence the Children’s Sunday School Department was born.

As it pleases the Lord, the number of the children began to increase. Each Sunday was started with praise and worship.  The word of God was preached at the children’s level so they could easily understand and grasp the concepts. By the time the church moved to our location at Clarendon Road in Brooklyn, NY, the number of children had grown to the point that they were separated by age and placed into different classes.  At this time, Daddy Kuye, now Pastor Charles Kuye joined the teacher’s band. The teachers were innovative and would encourage the children to learn scriptures in Yoruba.  The children were also encouraged to excel academically. Going to college is a very big deal in our church.  

The Children Sunday School Department presented the idea of recognizing our college-bound children to the Church Committee and it was accepted. Many of our children go on to reputable college institutions and become successful contributing adults in the future.  During the recognition ceremony, our college-bound students are recognized in front of the church while we announce the colleges they will attend and their chosen course of study.  On this beautiful day, our children are presented with three items with significant meaning. First, a Bible, sending them away with the word of God to read while in school.  Second, a suitcase, to let them know that they are always welcome back home upon completion of their schooling.  Finally, they are given some spending money. Our children go on to be very successful in their chosen professions.  We give God all the adoration and praise for the lives of all our wonderful children.   

Over the years, we have had many people come and go in the Children’s Sunday School Department as teachers.  This department will never forget the notable services of our fathers and mothers in the Lord like the Late Mrs. Ajifowobaje, Late Mama Omolola, Mrs. Adegbenle, Pastor Samuel Dare, Pastor Charles Kuye,  and Pastor Paul Adeyinka (to mention a few), who have contributed immensely  to the care and nurture of the children of this great church to the glory of God.  The teachers take time out of their schedules to pour into the lives of our children and their creativity and advocacy for the children is felt in tasks as simple as the snacks the children are served every Sunday to the coordination of topics that are preached each week. Additionally, our children go on a yearly fun visit to amusement parks of their choice, funded by the church. Celebration of Children’s day every summer and Christmas show in December are fun times that our children always look forward to every year. 

The teachers are truly the heartbeat of the Children’s Sunday School Department.  The teachers behind the scene are: Lady Evg. Onatokunbo Browne, Deaconess Kehinde Makoyawo, Mrs. Kudirat Majoyeogbe, Deaconess Moijsola Okusanya, Deaconess Michell Okusanya, Mr. Olakunle Doregos, Deaconess Yemisi Ojo, Mrs. Yewande Owoseni,  Mrs. Uyi Aghedo. Mrs. Omolayo Akanmu, Deaconess Veronica Olowoyo, Mrs. Inara Kabba, Mrs. Toyin Adeyeye and Mrs. Elizabeth Awosogba.  

As the years progress, the Children’s Department has continued to grow and use innovation to conquer challenge after challenge.   There is no greater example of this resilience than the challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.  With the church on weeks of quarantine and severe state-imposed in-person restrictions, the Children’s Sunday School Department faced the task of keeping the children spiritually engaged.  The Sunday School teachers put their minds together and started to offer Sunday School lessons over Zoom.  Each week, teacher use various interactive modalities to engage and teach the children.  The children enjoy seeing their teachers and their friends over the platform and bonds that could otherwise be broken have remained intact through this continued communication.  Presently, the children are being groomed to present their own sermons to their classmates.  It’s an opportunity for them to grow and develop in their spiritual understanding and service to the Lord.  We have seen how God can use anything, even a pandemic, to sharpen and improve his saints. To the glory of God, we have the pleasure of having Pastor Bola Omotade, who gives us moral and technical support on zoom every Saturday for review and on Sunday for service. We thank God for his ministry. 

The Children’s Sunday School Department continues to thrive today under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  We hope to continue to pour Jesus Christ into the hearts of our children because they are our future.  God has done amazing things and we know the best is yet to come by His grace. We give all the glory to God in the Highest.  PRAISE GOD.